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The name Hawkvi originated from its hometown, Eagle Village, where eagles hover in the blue skies over this beautiful town. Looking up in the sky, riders are often treated to its breathtaking scenery. Hawkvi was created out of a passion for cycling amidst nature. This fervor motivates us to strive for higher standards in our products. We are committed to constantly developing more and more innovative products that cater to the needs of riders.

As one of the newest members in the cycling industry, Hawkvi has already established itself as a reliable brand, backed by some of the most experienced cyclists, professional engineers, and innovative developers in the field. This enables us to reach new heights in superiority and surpass the expectations of others. Hawkvi specializes in the development and manufacturing of the best and most competitive wheel sets in the market. Passion is who we are; technology is what fuels us. Our main focus is on riders' needs so they can reach their goals.

Based on our passion for cycling, cutting-edge technology, innovation, and Hawkvi's founding spirit, we believe Hawkvi will be etched deep into the heart of every rider.

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