• Cassette Type:SHIMANO 11 / SRAM XDR 12/campy 11
  • Wheel set Weight:front 1480 g (without rim tape)
  • Rim weight:415g
  • Rim Type:Carbon tubeless ready
  • Rim Material :T800 carbon
  • Rim Depth:F 50 mm/R 50 mm
  • External Rim Width:27mm
  • Inner Rim Width:21mm
  • Spokes:DI4 V.P.M Aero carbon spoke
  • Front Spoke Pattern:G2 FRONT:16 / G2 REAR 16
The name "Hawkvi" is derived from the village of Eagles, a place frequently visited by cyclists. We have consistently devoted ourselves to developing more reliable and cyclist-friendly wheelsets. Instead of blindly following trends, we focus on addressing the various challenges and needs faced during actual cycling! Rather than catering solely to the demands of professional athletes, we prioritize what everyday cycling enthusiasts truly care about. In terms of product design, we go beyond assembling readily available off-the-shelf components. We independently develop wheelsets that are markedly different from those found in the market, tailored to diverse riding needs. The Hawkvi VenturoX is composed of elements representing riding in the wind (VENTO), long-distance travel (ROAD BIKE TOUR), and extreme speed.