HAWKVI WITH QUOC Contemporary Cycling Shoes

QUOC Contemporary Cycling Shoes was established by Quoc Pham back in 2009. It' been almost 9 years now but the soul behind the brand has been relatively secretive. Starting out after graduating from Central St. Martin in London, Quoc learned a hard lesson when he closed down his first men's apparel business after a few years in the industry. What he learned was that bringing elegance and aesthetics into cycling which has been his passionate for years was where he felt a strong calling. People say when you try to understand someone, you can judge by their choice of music. But for Quoc, you can do that simply by glimpsing through the cycling shoes he has designed over the years. His unique taste developed from fashion design training added a few beloved shoe collections that many modern urban cyclists enjoy wearing, like the Fixed, Urbanite, Derby, etc. You can see simplicity is the core of his design. "When you stripe away all the noises, what is left is the lasting and pure elegance that will endure. This is what I do for the shoes" Good enough is never good enough. Introducing a new model every one to two years is snail speed compared to other mainstream brands. However, that leaves him enough time to do things right . "I want is offer other cyclists shoes I'm 100% satisfied with. Given that, making decisions becomes much simpler". In the near future, expect QUOC to branch out to more cycling disciplines like MTB, touring, CX, triathlon and continue to expand our current collections of urban and road shoes. We do just one thing and that is to make the most stylish and the best performing shoes for the disciplines of your cycling passion. This is just the beginning. A full brand story will come soon. #FromPassionToPedal Featured cyclist: Quoc Pham Featured shoes: QUOC Night road shoes Featured gear: ashmei (jersey & bibs), Hawkvi (wheel set) Production Producer: QUOC Contemporary cycling Shoes Director: Francis Cade 2017@Quoc Pham Ltd. All Rights Reserved.