• Cassette Type:SHIMANO 11 / SRAM 11/CAMPY
  • Wheelset Weight:1630g
  • Type: Full carbon Clincher
  • Rim Material :T700 / HIGH-TG Carbon
  • Rim Depth:60mm
  • External Rim Width:24mm
  • Spokes:Aero J-Bladed Spoke
  • Front Spoke Pattern:16 Total / ZETA Geometry
  • Rear Spoke Pattern:18Total /ZETA Geometry
  • Front Hub Type:VR-2F
  • Rear Hub Type:VR-2R
Different with EC5 ,that the EC6 is a extreme wheel of wind cut shape and ZATA geomerty.60 mm extra wide full carbon rim profile16/18 stainless steel double-butted spokes Stiff OVER-SIZE aluminum axles and large bearings. All for speed and long distance,EC6 have its own place in road. Extrme aerodynamic rim shape and unique ZETA patent of Hawkvi EC6.It is your best weapon of Time trail or high speed situation. Indeed the EC6 represent the top-of-the-range road bike wheels in this segment thanks to their outstanding performance: the special carbon rim structure combined with the oversize hub and spokes with the ZETA system given the wheel incredible responsiveness ,more stable and comfortable ride experience. That show you extraordinary taste and sense of speed.